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Some News and My Disneyland Trip

First for my news…I will be co-hosting The DLRage Podcast with Paul Hale! I’m really excited about this opportunity and I think we will make a great team! Paul and I have differing perspectives, he’s the behind the story guy from a writer’s perspective and I’m a behind the scenes gal from an engineering and former castmember perspective, so together we will have lots to talk about and I hope the listeners will enjoy what we come up with.

Now, onto my Disneyland trip! First stop was the Fantasy Faire Royal Theater to see the Rapunzel show. In the picture gallery, I’ve included an older (not that great IMO) picture of the Carnation Plaza Area and a new picture of the Fantasy Faire Area. As much as I thought I would detest Fantasy Faire, I actually found it to be quite pleasant. Granted, we only spent enough time there to catch the Rapunzel show, because the kids had to take a potty break and have lunch at Rancho del Zocalo because even though we got to the parking at 10am, we didn’t enter Disneyland until 11:30 or so (but I’ll cover that delay later on). The Fantasy Faire area looks very open and inviting, much more so than Carnation Plaza did. It definitely mirrors the rest of Fantasyland with its look and feel although it is a bit more updated and has that new land smell to it!

The Rapunzel show itself was wonderful, very cute and quite creative with “impromptu” props! I would definitely recommend this show to anyone with kids who wants a little sit down break in the day. The new theater has the kids sit on carpets right in front of the stage so they can interact with the show and the adults sit on the benches to join in the fun.

After lunch, I took the kids through Adventureland, because I wanted to go on Pirates as I had missed it the last trip I was on. However, we had to make a pitstop at Tarzan’s Treehouse, so Susan could get her fill of it. She loves the Tarzan Treehouse and its probably because it is one of the few things she can explore on her own without adults. Pirates of the Caribbean was a mistake, we shouldn’t have done that one. Although my daughter never seemed to care about the ride before, at the age of 3, she has decided that she is deathly afraid of Pirates and didn’t let me know about it until we were already in the bowels of the attraction. Needless to say, I think this is an attraction that I will have to do without her for a while.

After Pirates of the Caribbean, I took the kids to Tom Sawyer’s Island…which has been renamed to Pirate’s Lair Island and let them run their faces off. Both kids had a lot of fun on the island and managed to lose me a couple of times. Susan thought the barrel bridge was the best thing since sliced bread and Jillian just thought chasing Susan around the island was the best thing since sliced bread. When they were good and worn out, I took them to Critter Country for some ice cream and beverages…had to get some sugar in their systems so that they could last the day! We then did our Disneyland staple of Winnie the Pooh.

After this, it was getting close to the time that I was to start meeting my mom and Logan, so I had the troops head over toward Tomorrowland. Because it was a Grad Night all the parking structure parking was being held on reserve and they were parking people in Simba and having them walk through Downtown Disney to the parks…parking FAIL! There were no trams out in Simba AT ALL. So, I had told my mom that if this happened to her, to take the Monorail to Tomorrowland. Remember how I said we were delayed? Even though Susan and I have Annual Passes and could take a trip on the Monorail, Jillian had turned 3 a few months ago, so I had to purchase an AP for her. They don’t sell tickets at the Monorail station in Downtown Disney, so I had to hump it with 2 kids from Simba to the ticket booths and then wait in line in the hot sun…not fun, but the kids were so excited that they were better sports about it than I was.

Anyhow, I digress…we hit up Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters while we were waiting. Then I let Susan do Autopia all by herself. You would have thought the kid had died and gone to heaven! I needed a break, so Jillian and I entertained ourselves at Tomorrowland Terrace near the exit of Autopia. Shortly after, I got a call from my mom that she was able to get her handicapped parking in the structure and that she would meet us at the entrance.

So, we decided to go eat in Disney’s California Adventure at Flo’s V8 Cafe. By the time we got to Flo’s my friend, Logan had arrived. We all hit Luigi’s Flying Tires, then my mom took the kids home and Logan and I had fun riding The Tower of Terror!

After DCA closed for day guests, Logan and I did some retail therapy on Main Street and headed for Star Tours. We had a really awesome Tour! It was new and different for both of us and it was a really good one! In the Star Tours store, I helped Logan make a Light Saber and perused the Star Tours paraphernalia. Then sadly, Disneyland closed for the evening and I had to hump it all the way back to Simba to get in my car. All in all, we had a great time and I didn’t feel like we did too much or that we had to hit everything in a day.

My next trip to Disneyland is in August with a group that my friend Howen put together…we are doing a Disneybound trip…which means we discreetly dress like the characters using a modern wardrobe. Don’t worry, you will get to hear all about that one as well!

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