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Three Reasons Why I Don’t Care What Conservatives Think of the Democratic Primary Candidates

I don’t care about what any Conservative voting citizen has to say about our candidates in the Democratic Party (especially those who voted for Donald Trump) and you shouldn’t either. Here’s why.

Republicans don’t care about Democrat opinions on their candidates

Those who voted for Trump, both those who are his ardent supporters and those who just voted with their party (not talking about disaffected progressives throwing a molotov cocktail here), don’t deserve to have their opinion considered in our Democratic Party Candidates. They just don’t, for the simple reason that they certainly didn’t consider ours in their 2016 Republican Party Primary Race. Our opinions are never a consideration in who they pick for their Presidential candidate, never. When was the last time you ever remember them worrying if their candidate could bring any Moderate Left voters to their candidate? I don’t ever remember this being a thing at all. They looked at any kind of progressive idea or person as the plague and so morally wrong, that they wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Knowing this, why should we give them a consideration when the gesture is never returned? We shouldn’t. It makes us look like doormats and it continues nurturing a codependent relationship with the Republican Party, where we care what they want, but they don’t care what we want. This would be an unbalanced abuse of power if it was any other kind of relationship and we wouldn’t put up with it. So, we just need to stop now, today.

The Republican party picked a dangerous President

Those who voted for Trump or the Republican Party for the sake of voting with their party have selected a dangerous person to run things. Their judgement of his character was naive at best, malicious at worst. We would have never selected someone as unprepared, hotheaded, and unstable for a candidate. They put party over the country. They didn’t care that he was racist, sexist, a sexual predator, had delusions of grandeur, has been the businessman with the most lawsuits ever, the businessman who has lost the most amount of money in his businesses in American history, the businessman who could no longer get any kind of loan from an American financial institution and had to look overseas for financing, and the guy who flirts with Putin during his Presidential campaign. In fact, they tried to spin his misdeeds and claim that none of this is true. They continue to defend this guy even though he has still gone on enact racist legislation, fired experts in important departments and replaced them with inexperienced friends of his, praises dictators and authoritarians, damaged and continues to damage our relationships with our allies, has tried to get a foreign country to meddle in our 2020 elections like he did with the 2016 elections, almost started a war with Iran, as well as chipped away at the few remaining protections the affordable care act has given everyone…and is now trying to cut 1 trillion from social security and medicare…something he promised not to do. Why should we entertain any of their judgement at this point? A fart in the wind would be better informed.

Republicans aren’t going to vote for a Democrat anyhow

My last reasoning as to why they shouldn’t have their opinions entertained in our decision is that they aren’t going to vote for our candidate anyways. If they aren’t going to vote for our candidate no matter who it is, why should we care? Their vote is not swingable, cut your losses and vote for who you want no matter what they think. They have no vested interest in seeing our candidate win the November elections. They want Trump. He has an 85% approval rating in the Republican Party…that tells you everything you need to know right there. Do not give into their pandering of “Democrat Purity Tests” as an argument as to why a candidate is not suitable in their eyes…no candidate is…this is just a tactic to get you to doubt yourself.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, there are more Democrats and progressive voters out there than there are Republican Party members. So, lets vote who we really want and then get out to support the Democratic Candidate in November. It doesn’t matter if the candidate you choose is so progressive that Republicans claim the Independents won’t vote for them…or the Midwest won’t. What they are saying is that, they won’t vote for them, but they won’t vote for any Democrat candidate anyhow…so that is a moot point. If we all show up to the polls, it won’t matter what they think of our candidate…it never really mattered anyways.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Common

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