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Trying My Hand at Breeding Fish


I received a large amount of African Cichlids from a friend at work after my brand new tank crashed while I was on vacation. I love my fish, they really calm my nerves watching them dart around the tank, however I have never had any of them successfully breed before. I figured I would tackle that subject if they ever got to that point.

Well, we are now here! Babies! Over the weekend, I noticed that one of my females had a rather large bulge in her mouth and then last night when I was adding a new heater to the nursery tank, I found some babies that she had spit! She’s got about 14-15 babies in the nursery tank now. We will see how good I am at growing them out for the main tank. I don’t think I will keep them all, because of the amount of fish I already have, but we will see. Anyhow, this was so exciting to witness! African Cichlids are very funny fish and watching them spawn and take care of their young is incredible! I had to share the babies with whoever is still reading.

Now I have to go and set up a brine shrimp hatchery, since the baby brine shrimp are small enough and nutritious enough for the babies to eat. I also have a few other food sources to try out on them. This will be interesting! I’ll have to document this new experience!

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