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Mierda Del Toro Posts

Will Bernie’s People Vote for Biden?

This is a loaded question that I have gotten from not only close friends who support Biden, but also random people who I texted on the behalf of the Bernie Campaign. I don’t think any one Bernie Supporter can answer this question honestly or accurately if they tried. In order to get half a clue of where Bernie Supporters are putting their vote, you have to understand who they are, and how they came to support Bernie at all. That will still not answer the question for you, because things are very fluid and the closer we get to November or even the August DNC Convention, the more things change and flip around again. If you have tried to predict how this Primary would go, you have most likely been wrong…and there in lies the rub…predicting November is most likely a fool’s errand. No one at this moment knows how this will shake out, they only know what people are feeling right now. That being said, maybe if you knew where we are coming from, you could persuade some of us to vote for Biden.

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Medical Treatment in the time of COVID-19

Because of where I’m employed, I have been updated almost daily on the Novel Coronavirus (NCOVID-19) since I got back from our Holiday Shutdown at the end of 2019. I have watched as it jumped country to country with a baby who has her share of medical issues. It’s why we got her ear tubes as soon as we could after the New Year and its why I have continually watched the case count and addressed her subsequent health issues as soon as possible before it hit my State. My goal was to get her healthy from Flu, Ear Infections, RSV, and Pneumonia before our hospitals started seeing the first community spread cases. This is the timeline, the things that have come up that I didn’t expect, and why you really want to stay as healthy as you can for things other than Coronavirus at this time.

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Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar drop in favor of Biden…

But YOU haven’t supported Biden, because you didn’t want Biden…what do you do now? You have less than 8 hours before the polls opens and less than 24 hrs to decide who it is you are going to cast your vote for…or worse, you already early voted and its too late to change your vote. Here’s a breakdown of what I think most people in your situation would do based on existing polling research.

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Why I am voting for Bernie

I was a self proclaimed and proud Hillary Clinton voter in the 2016 Democratic Party Primaries as well as in the November 2016 election. Based on my voting history, you might have thought I would want to vote for Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, or maybe even Mayor Pete. Definitely for a woman, not a “White Guy.” That’s where you are wrong and I’m going to tell you why.

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Three Reasons Why I Don’t Care What Conservatives Think of the Democratic Primary Candidates

I don’t care about what any Conservative voting citizen has to say about our candidates in the Democratic Party (especially those who voted for Donald Trump) and you shouldn’t either. Here’s why.

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